"Internment of the Japanese"- History Project

This is a picture of El Dorado St in New Denver, BC, where my family has a cabin. It's a little village with a lot of retired hippies and a gold-rush boomtown feel. But this is also the place where a lot of Japanese people were interned during the war.

In little buildings like this. This is now part of the Nikkei Internment Memorial Center. My family also has friends whose current ranch site was once the hospital for the Japanese people.

"Winter Levitation" - Text Activity

I really enjoyed arranging these shapes; I have an affinity with letters and the curves of S and the way the Zed flows.

"banality"- Concept as Content Activity

Daily Ritual-
The first ten songs that play on random:
1. "This Celluloid Dream" AFI
2. "Third Season" AFI
3. "Bleed Like Me" Garbage
4. "Bowl of Oranges" Bright Eyes
5. "Down with the Sickness" Disturbed
6. "Ciega Sordomuda" Shakira
7. "Haunted" Evanescence
8. "Leaf" Mewithoutyou
9. "Diluted" Slipknot
10. "Mob Rules" Black Sabbath

"Map"- Material Project

"mouth"- Abstraction Activity

"lots and lots and lots" - Nature Activity

Have you ever heard anyone say, about a pebble beach, that if everyone threw a pebble in, soon there would be no beach? Well, here is a pack of cigarettes. Now, if everyone threw their butt on the beach...well... yes, here is the picture.

"Markmaking"- Walking Activity

This was a walk to school (Emily Carr) that I extended by walking up and down and around streets instead of taking the bus and the direct route. My focus was the markmaking that other people have done while walking past the same urban furniture: posts, trees, cars, newsstands. I always notice these little pieces of graffiti because I wanted to be a street artist. There's an innocent rebellion inherant in scribbling colorful marks where you're not supposed to.

"Natasha's Haphazard Little Room"- Space/Place Activity

This is the description Natasha gave me:

" It is about storage/computer space that I used for work and brainstorming in my old place in Vancouver. The computer was on a white desk and I had black chair, too. Place itself was 1.5 by 1.5 meters and shelf for books was made of a white wire. It was placed from computer level until the ceiling. Walls were painted in kind of grayish color. When you enter my computer/storage room my chair and shelf were in front of you and the desk with computer was on the right side. I also cut one leg of the desk to be able to squish it inside this small room. So my table was sitting on the wire shelf on its left side, too. The best part of my favorite place were my walls. They had my favorite posters, graphic design magazine's pages, my own work and some citations that I liked. Above the computer was the board with messages and some photographs I liked. The scanner and the printer were both on the shelves from my left side. It looked messy all the time. "

It just seems like a crazy little space, so I used collage.

"Money"- Object Activity

Money is fluid.

"Thinking About" Red Identity Project